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Squatty stool

Squatty stool

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Human bodies tend to relieve themselves in a squatted position - this is how our Indian ancestors in ancient times did it and it`s how our bodies are used to excrete.

Easy Relief

Squatting encourages smoother and faster bowel movements, which can reduce/prevent constipation, hemorrhoids, IBS & Bowel disease. Our stool design encourages a healthy squatting position so that you can enjoy a healthier and more comfortable life.

 Get ADJUSTED to it !

It may feel different at first, but the body quickly adjusts and the new healthy way of eliminating quickly becomes second nature.  ome users may be able to adjust right away, while others may need few days to get used to this healthier, more natural way of eliminating.

Effective and Healthier !

Material and Dimensions

Made of durable hard Polyurethane plastic, easy to clean.

Dimensions: 27(D) X 42(W) X 19(H) cm

How to Use?

 Place the toilet stool at the bottom of your toilet. Sit and lift your feet on to the stool. This squatting position opens the colon

You are good to potty ! - less strain, easier elimination.

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